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How do I know if I need help, or if a loved one needs help?

There are a few factors involved in identifying if someone needs help with substance abuse and addition. If you or your loved one is using drugs or alcohol frequently, without limitations, or every day, then help is absolutely necessary.

Once it has become clear that the substance is controlling someone’s life, then seeking help is the answer. Even if you or your loved one is a “functioning” addict/alcoholic, meaning that they can get up and go to work without hindrance, maintain relationships, home/personal responsibilities, etc. it still may not be enough.


Where is White Sands Tampa?

Our medical detox and residential treatment programs are completed at our Plant City location and day-night program and IOP take place at our Hyde Park location. Our facilities offer a beautiful, calming, and relaxing environment, ensuring that you or your loved one are comfortable during the journey toward recovery.

Why should I choose White Sands Tampa as my rehab center?

Whether you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, food/eating disorder, shopping, gambling, gaming, etc. or any other related psychological issues associated with addiction, there are many reasons why White Sands Tampa is the right place for your recovery. For example, we provide:

  • Individualized treatment plans customized to fit the needs of addicts.
  • Sober-living facilities
  • Inpatient treatment programs
  • Phenomenal medical detox protocols
  • Family and group-therapy programs to help mend relationships
  • Alternative treatment plans such as: art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback, nutritional, exercise programs, and more
  • A well-trained and dedicated staff of addiction specialists that will go to great lengths to ensure the success of your recovery

What is your confidentiality policy?

White Sands Tampa complies with the standards of confidentiality are presented in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, ensuring that the individual is completely protected with respect to information regarding their treatment/recovery process.


Are you equipped to treat co-existing disorders?

We offer dual diagnosis treatment programs, of which are designed to treat both co-existing disorders (i.e. bipolar disorder) as well as their addiction, especially since oftentimes the two go hand in hand.


Once someone is admitted to a program, can they leave?

Because treatment at White Sands Tampa is entirely voluntary, this means that anyone may leave at any time if they so chose. However, we highly recommend that you stay during your entire treatment period so that you can get the best care that you need, and recover effectively.


What will happen when treatment is over?

Upon completion of your treatment program at White Sands Tampa, our team will guide you through the next phase of treatment. This may involve a sober-living house, entering into a 12-step program, or participating in an outpatient program.

This is discussed with the addict’s primary psychologist, whom will make the right recommendations based on the addict’s progress.


How do I pay for treatment?

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, or cashier’s checks. We have insurance and admissions coordinators that will answer all of your questions regarding your benefits and pre-authorization verification.


What is the cost of treatment?

There is not a set cost for treatment at White Sands Tampa. If you discuss your particular financial needs with our insurance coordinators, we will take them into consideration when planning your treatment and discussing options with you, especially if you are uninsured.


What should I bring to White Sands Tampa?

You may bring the basic living essentials, such as: personal hygiene products (toothpaste, hair care products, deodorant, etc.), clothing, books, and magazines. Any other essentials that you need may be given to you or ordered for you if necessary.


What is the cell phone policy?

Cellphone and electronics use is permitted between 6:30pm & 10:30pm in your private room.


Will I be allowed to have visitors?

Yes, your loved ones are welcome to send mail, as long as it does not contain any food or drink products.


Will friends and family be able to mail letters and packages?

Yes, your loved ones are welcome to send mail, as long as it does not contain any food or drink products.


Can I contact my loved one while they are in treatment?

Due to HIPPA laws, we cannot provide you with any information unless your loved one signs a disclosure authorization form giving our staff permission to talk to you about their progress

Once this is in place, you will speak with one of our addiction specialists and they will provide you with the next steps, whether it’s through family counseling or even just playing more of an active role in the recovery process as a supporter for the addict.

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