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Addiction: An Informational Guide

Millions of citizens across the nation are addicted to both legal as well as illicit drugs. Addiction is a mental disease that needs to be treated with proven rehabilitation programs and techniques. By tackling addiction on both an emotional and physical level, addicts can successfully overcome this all-encompassing disorder. There are a number of different types of treatment techniques that can be used depending on the nature of a patient’s addiction. Typically, though, all patients have to go through medically-assisted detox in order to safely and effectively wean them off of the substance of abuse. After this, inpatient or outpatient treatment, each including a detailed program plan, is necessary for a full recovery.

When you are seeking drug abuse treatment, it’s important to know what to ask when searching for the right recovery program. At WhiteSands Treatment, we want to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the addiction treatment industry so that when you enter, you are educated on what your journey entails. We also strive to be your number one resource for all addiction treatment questions and concerns and work to supply you with imperative information regarding the addiction sector.


Drugs, both prescription and illegal, have a negative and consequential effect on your health.



As a parent, it’s important that you detect the signs of abuse early on so that you can choose the best rehab option for your child.


Resource Guides

Being knowledgeable about addiction and rehab options is imperative when dealing with substance abuse.



Understanding the science behind drug use and its effects can allow us to act effectively in order to tackle the issue.



Ongoing support during addiction recovery is essential to life-long sobriety.



Drug detoxification works to wean your physical dependence on drugs in order to lessen withdrawal symptoms.



Drug dependence rehab programs can provide veterans with the medical, spiritual, and social therapy needed for a full recovery.


Talking to Children about Addiction

If you are a parent who is concerned that your teenager may be experimenting with drugs, the first thing to know is that you are not alone.


Tampa Alumni

We understand that overcoming addiction is a milestone. Our Alumni program is designed to help former patients sustain a lasting recovery.


Rehab Center Advice

We provide comprehensive rehab advice that can provide recovering addicts with helpful information so they can continue to live healthy, productive lives.



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